I was born many years ago, as you know.
I studied years, as everybody, than I moved for university, Business organization. Not fun but interesting. I now speak English French, Spanish and Ceck, the last not fluently, I can ask for food in German and Polish.

. .
. After years in a penthouse, now I live in loft. In half of the main room, only on one of the two flors, I organize, sometimes, medioeval events with 30 people sitting around the C table.
I'm used to host a party every month, a medioeval studing night with movies, book consulting and costume making every week, a Cinefourm night every two weeks. In milan a large house is not usual.
OK, what have I done up to now ?
a lot of things, I created in Italy the Live Action Role Play Games, I've been travelling as a journalist, Russia, ceck republic, Grece and many many more places. I've been living in England for a year, I've been travelling all europe by motorbike than by car. I becomed the most feared medioeval sword master of Italy. My name becomed recognized from Italy to Poland.
. In the "old days" not all my moments were that interesting. Years ago I had to choose if paying the rent for the house or buying the food. If paying electricity or food, I wanted a cat but for years I couldn't afford it. A little later, my old girfriend complained becouse I was "to skinny". Anyway was always fun.
Let's get back a step. In '91 I was asked to chose: to stop 'loosing time' with swords and orcks, or to leave the family house.
I never regreted.