Fedra She was an actres. We were at the same acting school. It Was Halloween, I made a promice to the goods: "If She's going to be My girlfriend, I will remember it every Halloween for the rest of my life. Untill now I maintened my word. I lost her after a while. She moved. I never found her again.  
Thania She was my "historical girl". We were togather for more years than we both will admit. I left Italy for England, and I comed back for her. She didn't want to leave her parent's house. She's a painter, organizes classical concerts, she's easy going and all my friends were sad when we separate.
Silvia (Fiordiligi) Now she becomed a Doctor in English Litterature. She was intelligent, accurate, her memory was incredible, you coud alweys count on her, but in two years she never made me a surprise, nor something crasy
    Fox I made a wish, and she was the answer. Beautyfull, tall, blond haired, intelligent, sexy, friendly, and with a great interest in swords and history. There was only a little thing I forgot in my wish. I never knew if she loved me.  
  Eliana I changed my wish and I made a new and more accurate one. One day she phoned me. We started talking, than one night she appeared in front of my door wearing black leather, high hells and a large smile. That first night, we did not went to the pub as we had to. She loved me, as I'd ask to my wish, but she was jelous. To much. Silvia

New Wish, new girl: She will be sexy, love me, be young and pretty.

She's actually 20 y.o.