That's Me !

What I Am And What i Do.

I'm quite always in medioeval stuff. I make medioeval camps on Sunday, I teach medioeval sword tree times a week, I've 20 helms in the living room and 20 swords in the other room. I'm a disaster every time I've to clean the house or have everything on his place. I'm really good in organizing anything, except myself.

Apart from That, I'm an actor, even if nobody never hires me. This week I've done tree spots, maybe for a coulpe of month's nobodywill call me back. IN the last tree years I becomed well known as Bauli's Santa Claus (Bauli is a Panettone [Famous milanese cake] Producer). A Journalist, somethimes I write articles and short stories for magaziens. A Computer operator, to create office systems or to fix them. A land Lord, and much more.

Years ago i decided to get a Free Life, instead of staying in an office 10 hours a day.

. .

What I Search:

I have almoust everything I need and I want. I made a list of everything I wanted, and I cecked out almost every box. I don't have a Ferrari, but that's because I didn't asked The Life for. Instead I have 2 cars (fast and Transport) and I had a motorbike. I Have a Cat and I buyed the house where I leave, I have 3 Computers, and so on...

Only one thing is missing: The Right One, The princes with whom share my life.Somebody Sexy and Smart, full of interests and easygoing, with sense of humor and practical. Did I sayd Sexy ?


How do I look:

Big, at the moment (I know, I must get on a diet). I'm tall, nobody want's to mess with me (just the smart ones), gentle, with deep blu eyes and the strenght of carring and fighting with a 60kg (130lb) armour for a couple af hours. Sometimes I were my smoking, someothertimes I were black in leather. I try to be always elegant or original, but due to my bad confidence with Ironing, I'm not always in perfect shape (but mostly I am). I quite well known for my impossible ties.


What I Like:

Cats, Princesses, Shiny armours,well that was obvious. Than Pumpkin Rice, smelling the stars in a night on the Lake of Como (the same of Star Wars Ep2), waking up with somebody on my side, Old Kurosawa Movies, Giant robot japanise cartoons, Creating Things (I have a Leather and metal lab in part of the house), Learning languages, travel, Eating with the light of a candle listening to a Sinatra song, Dreaming of other words, than take the tend and go there. Howling to the moon. A butterfly, a Fay, dancing....

I can resume in a word: Leaving in a Fantastic word, and Make My dreams come true.