I've done many works in my live.
From 91, when I got my hown house, I made many works.
I've been a Fashion photographer, a tourist animator, a waiter, a Museum guide, a supermarket promoter, an actor, a security guard, an airplane steward (for a short), a Live Role Play organizer. During all those jobs, slowly, I kept studing Business organization.

. .
. Than, the Change.
Iunior Import manager and Problem solver in an electronic company. The work
was very well payd, but I was used on getting out 8.00 AM and back 8.00 PM. I didn't had even the time to buy food. On weekends I was
thinking about invoices and clients that were waiting me on monday morning.

One day I went in a tv program, and I felt alive again, a month later I resigned.
I changed for Business Optimization in a magazine. The magazine had 24 workers,
than banckrupted, than was buyed by
an arab, at that moment I got on board. We were five, than seven. The work
was hard, but I felt I was doing the difference.
After the company was settled I decided to stay. It was me and 6 ladyes.
I becomed a Journalist, than a redactor, than head
redactor, than director. The magazine was closed (not my fault) and I started
again, redactor, head redactor, director, fired.

Third part. In all those years I kept studing martial arts and blade weapons.
in 96 I opened my Medioeval Sword Dojo. I started asking friends, I ended teaching how to use a medioeval sword in full armour.

Now I'm medioeval Consultant for films, exibitions, Historical events, museums,
schools and much more. I also sell the best swords made in europe.
I'm still higly capable and very good of Business optimization.
As example ? My Non profit organization had a cash of 152Euro last summer.
Two weeks later I bought a less than 10.000 € of minibus for 4.500, with steel the cash of 152€.